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Earning the Eagle Badge

This page contains information for Life Scouts about the things that are needed to earn the rank of Eagle.

The rank of Eagle is perhaps the highest honor that a Boy Scout can achieve. It is something to be earned, not given, and it is always the Scout's responsibility to understand and meet all of the requirements for this rank. Every Scout is very strongly encouraged to have consulted his Eagle Coach before beginning to work on his Leadership Service Project. All forms and procedures are available from the websites below - in particular, the District website listed first.

Any Scout with questions is urged to review the materials below and, if the question is not yet answered, to consult his Eagle Coach or Mr. Dave.

Note: Procedures for completing certain Eagle requirements change frequently. Always verify that you have the correct information and the current forms before you complete tasks or submit materials.

  • The Capitol District Life-to-Eagle web site - Click Here

  • Baltimore Area Council web site for earning the Eagle Rank - Click Here

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