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Troop 804 History

Troop Historian Reports (2016-)

Camp Potomac Maryland
(29-31 Jan 2016)

The winter campout for the year of 2016 was a highlight for many of the scouts, despite the chilly weather and the foot of snow on the ground. There were many highlights and activities that set this campout apart from the others. The major difference was that the scouts were allowed to sleep in cabins. This was a welcome change from the regular activity of sleeping in tents. The scouts also overcame the challenge of troop cooking, which was different from the regular patrol style cooking. The other major event was the patrol based snow fort building competition. All of the scouts had a great time building their forts, which at points seemed more like a snowball war than a fort building competition. Despite this, there were many great forts, but the Wyverns took it all and won the contest. The troop also held leadership conferences to listen to what scouts had to say about why they should be a troop/patrol leader. These conferences play a big role in deciding who the PLC will be for each year.
Posted 15-Feb-2016

Older History

Troop 804 was started by 8 young Scouts in 2004 and were supported by a group of dedicated adults. The group quickly made an association with the Severn Crossroads Foundation (SCRF), a community group that maintains and promotes Historic Baldwin Hall in Millersville. SCRF very generously agreed to become the Chartered Organization for the new Troop and has allowed the Troop to use Baldwin Hall for meetings, storage, and other activities.

The Troop roughly doubled in size for each of its first three years, and has remained stable in size since about 2008, with between 60 and 80 Scouts during that period. It has sent Scouts to Philmont twice: one crew in 2009, and three crews in 2012. Two crews are planning to attend in 2016. We sent two crews to BSA Seabase in 2011, and two more crews again in 2013. We sent a contingent to the 2007 Canadian National Jamboree, and sent 36 Scouts - the biggest Troop commitment in the entire Baltimore region - to the 2010 US National Jamboree (where our Troop Scoutmaster was also one of the Jamboroee Scoutmasters). We also sent a contingent to the 2013 Jamboree.

The Troop has camped monthly since its founding, and has attended a different Summer Camp each summer since 2005:
  • 2005: Broad Creek Scout Reservation (Camp Spencer), Whiteford, MD
  • 2006: Camp Barton, Trumansburg, NY
  • 2007: Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg, PA
  • 2008: Camp Sinoquipe, Fort Littleton, PA
  • 2009: Camp Bashore, Jonestown, PA
  • 2010: Broad Creek Scout Reservation (Camp Saffran), Whiteford, MD
  • 2011: Goshen Scout Camp, Goshen, VA,
  • 2012: Henson Scout Reservation, Rhodesdale, MD
  • 2013: Heritage Scout Reservation (Camp Freedom), Farmington, PA
  • 2014: Rodney Scout Reservation, North East, MD
  • 2015: Camp Mountaineer, Fairmont, WV

Even though the Troop has only been in existence since 2004, we are very proud that, starting in 2009, we have watched 30 young men attain the rank of Eagle Scout (as of Jan. 2016), despite holding to very rigorous standards for advancement. We believe strongly that every Scout learns best what he is capable of doing by striving to achieve things that are not always easy. Our Scouts expect a lot of themselves because they have learned to combine resilience and performance in ways that always impress.

The Troop makes two awards each quarter at a Court of Honor:
  • The Steve Judson Scout of the Quarter is named for our founding Scoutmaster and is awarded to the Scout that has set a superb example of great Scouting
  • The Jay Wilen Scouter of the Quarter is named for our first Advancement Chairman and general "doer of all things needing to be done" and is awarded to the adult Scouter that has gone above and beyond on behalf of the Scouts during that quarter

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